Should League of Legends be rewarding banned players?


League of Legends (LoL) developer Riot Games this month began handing out Mystery Gifts (free champion skins) to what it recently described as ‘positive’ players who have not received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, 14-day ban or permanent ban in 2014.

However, some of those banned players are still receiving their free skin. So what gives?

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Review: FIFA 15

FIFA 15 review

EA’s FIFA franchise, along with Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, has dominated the sports genre within video gaming since the turn of the Century. This hugely successful series has had instalments released annually since 1993 and has produced a staggering 15 entries since its debut.

Therefore it is credit to developer EA’s ability to continually tweak and improve the franchise’s format whilst still retaining popular features that this series has continued to break sales records and satisfy fans.

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Cognitive Prime win first Smite World Championship


US Smite esports team Cognitive Prime picked up $1.3 million after winning the first ever Smite World Championship (SWC).

They defeated former European sister team Titan 3-2 in a best-of-three finals match, with the final game giving Cognitive Prime 22 kills and 6 deaths.

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Mobile apps break console gaming’s hold over the boxed video game industry


With experts predicting revenue from mobile gaming will eclipse those of console gaming in 2015, we look at what this means for the future.

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Interview: numlocked (Seb Barton) on winning 4 Nations and his LCS ambitions

Numlocked League of Legends interview

League of Legends pro gamer numlocked (Seb Barton) is the top laner for Choke Gaming, which has just been named the best LoL team in the UK and Ireland after winning the 4 Nations tournament last weekend to win €5,000.

Far from being content with just this victory, numlocked now has his sights set firmly on the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) – we caught up with him to discuss winning the 4 Nations, how he got into esports and what’s next.

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MBoZe departs OpTic Nation

Pro Call of Duty gamer MBoZe (Marcus Blanks) has stepped down from OpTic Nation – he’s now a free agent and is looking for a new team.

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What to expect from MLB 15: The Show


This year we were treated to MLB 14: The Show. The baseball game garnered extremely positive reviews and was the fastest selling instalment of the franchise. With the bar raised, what do we know and what can we expect to find with MLB 15: The Show?

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Total War Arena is not a typical MOBA – and that’s what makes it great

Total War Arena hands-on

We were lucky enough to get hands-on with Total War: Arena – the new online free-to-play multiplayer strategy game from Sega – and it’s come a long way from the day it was announced as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game.

Here’s Dominic Sacco’s thoughts on the game and how its 10 versus 10 match-ups could shake up the e-sports scene.

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The best horse race games apps


Football has so many game apps which give supporters a real feeling of being involved in the game. Cricket and tennis are another two sports well catered for in both games and apps. Focusing on other sports, how does horse racing fare? Which are the best free games to try out and which give the most realistic experience, as close as possible to being at the Grand National or the Cheltenham Festival.

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Mobile phones are changing the profile of a typical gamer


Today it’s hard to define what makes a gamer. Of course, it was never that clearly defined; many people have all kinds of different interests, one of which happens to be playing video games on the console or computer. But today, those people who fall under the term ‘gamer’ might never have played on a console in their life – the only video games they may have experienced could be the downloadable gaming apps they’ve played on their phone.

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