Why are drug tests in eSports only being enforced now?


It’s great news that eSports leagues like ESL are starting to roll out stricter rules against the use of performance enhancing drugs, but it’s also a disgrace that they’re only beginning to take this seriously now.

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Tickets for Wembley’s sold out League of Legends World Championship are going for £400 on eBay


If, like us, you were hoping to get tickets to the League of Legends World Championship quarter finals at Wembley’s SSE Arena this October, and didn’t manage to when they went on sale this week, it’s looking like bad news.

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eSports betting platform Unikrn dismisses big name rivals: ‘Our competitors don’t have the knowledge or passion we do’


It’s now very easy to bet on eSports matches with real money – but the market is growing fast with bigger, more traditional players wanting a slice of the pie such as William Hill and Paddy Power.

We talk to Rahul Sood (pictured above), the co-founder and CEO of UK, Ireland and Australia eSports betting platform Unikrn, which has just raised an additional $7 million in funding, about the growing area and what he thinks of the competition.

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DreamHack announcement proves 2015 is breakthrough year for UK eSports


Undoubtedly the biggest news of the week for UK eSports was the announcement that DreamHack, the LAN gathering and eSports tournament known for its events in Sweden, will host its first UK event in London this September.

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Why do eSports pros retire so young and what can they do next? We ask Snoopeh

Why do eSports players retire young

Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis is a former League of Legends pro eSports player that has retired from competitive gaming. He’s 23 years old.

I spoke to him about why players retire so young, what he’s doing to help pros think about their careers long-term and his current work with eSports betting firm Unikrn.

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How good is a curved PC monitor for gaming? (Samsung 27″ SD590C review)


With all the talk of 4K and FreeSync/G-Sync PC monitors out there – and the impressive high resolutions and stutter-free gaming they bring – curved monitors aren’t receiving as much love. But are they better for PC gaming than you think? We put a £250 Samsung display to the test.

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Overclockers forms League of Legends eSports team, eyes LCS


PC system builder Overclockers UK has entered the League of Legends eSports scene with its first team, sponsored by Cougar.

Team Overclockers UK will be competing in the Challenger Series and various tournaments with the aim to qualify for LCS, the biggest eSport league in the world.

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Blizzard adds flying to Warlords of Draenor (but makes you work for it)

WoD flying back

Hooray – flying mounts are finally coming back to World of Warcraft (WoW). Well, sort of – Blizzard has dangled the carrot yet again.

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Earning through eSports


For most of us, the opportunity to turn a hobby or interest in to a full time career is nothing more than a dream. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from chasing such a seemingly unobtainable goal. There are endless examples of sportspeople for instance who have turned an enjoyable pastime into a professional occupation. But what about video gaming and poker?

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Piglet benched by Team Liquid: Twitter reacts


Promising League of Legends pro and former world champion Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin has been dropped from Team Liquid’s LCS starting line-up in favour of sub Yuri “KeithmcBrief” Jew.

Here’s Team Liquid’s reasoning behind the move – and how fans and pros have reacted to the news on Twitter.

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