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Video: The adventures of a DayZ noob

We play Arma II mod DayZ for the first time and humiliate ourselves by running away from zombies, accidentally setting off flares and generally acting like wusses. We should have read this DayZ survival guide properly beforehand…

Dead Island: Survival guide

Dead Island Survival Guide

First-person zombie slasher Dead Island is out this week and we’ve produced a survival guide packed full of tips to help you progress.

Sun, sea and zombies may be a strange mix but follow these tips and you’ll have a fighting chance of staying alive.

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Dead Space 2: How to kill the last boss

Dead Space 2 boss

If you’re having trouble defeating the end boss in Dead Space 2, then look no further. We’ve got a bunch of tips and a video walkthrough to help you beat the game.

This guide is especially helpful to purists who prefer using the Plasma Cutter weapon. Note: Spoilers.

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EDF Insect Armageddon: Survival guide

Guide to Earth Defence Force

When you’ve got an army of giant spiders crawling on your doorstep, you’re going to need more than a can of bug spray to put a stop to their infestation.

We explain how to kill each insect with the best weapons and more with these tips for Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.

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FEAR 3: Essential tips


The third horror FPS in the FEAR series is out and developer Day 1 Studios has released 15 tips to help you get through the game without soiling yourself.

These FEAR 3 tips apply to both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

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Dead Nation guide

Dead Nation guide

Dead Nation is free to download on PS3’s online PSN service over the next few weeks, as part of Sony’s Welcome Back package following its downtime.

We’ve listed some essential tips and linked to a full guide to help you survive the zombie onslaught in this downloadable co-op game.

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Six survival horror games worth playing

It’s Halloween – what better way to celebrate than to present some classic survival horror games that have been overshadowed by Resident Evil games of late?

Here are six of our favourite and most traditional survival horror games.

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New Vegas Hardcore diary #1

Fallout New Vegas Hardcore guide

Fallout: New Vegas, the next in the strategy-come-shooter Fallout franchise was released last week.

Being huge fans of Fallout 3, we started New Vegas in Hardcore mode, and will be recording our progress to you in this diary. From the game’s many sights to the challenges of eating, drinking and sleeping in-game, we’ll show you how to finish it in Hardcore mode and unlock that 100G achievement. Bugs and all.

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Dead Rising 2 gameplay trailer

Capcom’s zombie-slashing sequel Dead Rising 2 hits stores on October 1st, and here’s some early gameplay footage we managed to track down and sink our teeth into.

Check out this latest trailer taken from the San Diego Comic Con 2010. What do you think? Better than the original Dead Rising?

Games wishlist: Mad Mel

Now that we’re slap bang in the Summer games drought – how about a bit of topical gaming?

In this DS exclusive action adventure game, you play as Oksana Grigorieva – the beleaguered ex partner of mental-as-anything, drunken bigot, Mel Gibson.

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