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Games wishlist: Mad Mel

Now that we’re slap bang in the Summer games drought – how about a bit of topical gaming?

In this DS exclusive action adventure game, you play as Oksana Grigorieva – the beleaguered ex partner of mental-as-anything, drunken bigot, Mel Gibson.

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MCM Expo playtest: No More Heroes 2

It’s already out (thanks for telling absolutely no one, Rising Star Games) but we felt it was worth coverage anyway – see how this whole publisher/reviewer thing works?

The follow up to the acclaimed No More Heroes on the Wii sees you again taking control of Travis Touchdown, perhaps gaming’s first ironically nihilistic anti-hero.

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Dungeon Keeper MMO details revealed

Remember the days spent building your own evil dungeon and defeating heroes? Remember torturing them and converting them to your side? Remember the Horned Reaper clearing a path through hordes of men?

No? Just us? We’re sure there’s a legion of Dungeon Keeper fans out there… waiting in the shadows for something new. Here’s the latest details of China’s upcoming Dungeon Keeper MMO.

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MCM Expo first play: Fist Of The North Star

Or to give it it’s full (Western) title, Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage, which is Koei’s latest spin on the action adventure genre they gained their popularity through the Dynasty Warriors games. Surprise, surprise.

It’s based upon the hit manga and anime series Hokuto No Ken (‘Fist Of The North Star’ in the West).

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Pac-Man takes over Google

Google Pac-Man

If you used Google this last Friday (May 21st) then you would have seen Pac-Man, of all things. A totally playable version of Pac-Man (complete with 256 levels) in a Google maze.

Google, the most popular search engine on the web, likes to change its logo on prolific dates to what they call ‘doodles’. If you haven’t noticed, they’re re-workings on the Google logo which add in pictures and icons relevant to the specific date.

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Games wishlist: Night Trap

Night Trap

Ask any Wii owner whose playing habits don’t revolve around Wii Sports Resort and mini-game compilations, and they’ll lament the lack of core games (for lack of a better term).

Of course there’s a reason for that. They don’t sell. Most Wii owners aren’t that bothered by engrossing single-player gameplay and more unique gaming concepts.

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Fleece Walker: The day Snake sold out

Snake sold out

Remember Raiden ruining Snake’s parade in Metal Gear Solid 2? This is worse.

MGS: Peace Walker will include Axe deodorant, Doritos and… dinosaurs. From Monster Hunter Tri.

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Game wish list: Journalism

This week’s game on our wish list: a video games journalism-based career simulator that’s mainly text based (not unlike football manager), taking the player through the highs and lows of being a games journalist.

Thankfully for us Visual Impact has answered our prayers and developed the latest in the Imagine Career games – Imagine Journalist.

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New BBC videogames announced

The BBC is expanding into the games market with their Dr Who and Merlin licenses.

Last week our writer Liam Farrell was contemplating a new Dr Who game – honest – and to our surprise it was confirmed earlier this week.

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Game wish list: part one

Dr Who

There are plenty of games to look forward to this year: Bioshock 2, God Of War 3, Super Street Fighter 4 and Alan Wake (hopefully).

But it got us thinking about the games that aren’t being released this year, or next year, or the year after that (warning: you’re about to read part one of some very weird – and very cool – weekly ideas from Liam Farrell)…

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