Hearthstone: Best legendary cards

By Alexander Baguley | January 1st, 2014

Hearthstone Legendaries

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is Blizzard’s virtual card battling game that features content from the hugely popular MMO World of Warcraft. It also boasts several legendary cards (or legendaries) which can turn the tide of battle. But which legendary cards are best? We’ve enlisted the help of a competitive gamer to give you the lowdown and list his top five legendary Hearthstone cards…

Hi guys and girls! My name is Alexander ‘Raven’ Baguley and I am a competitive gamer. I come from a background of World of Warcraft arena (the game I met [Leet editor] Mr Dominic Sacco himself on) and then moved to Warcraft 3 / Starcraft 2, with the goal to be the best (cue Pokémon music).

Hearthstone is currently the game that holds my heart. It is truly simple to learn, but difficult to master. No doubt those interested in Hearthstone will have already read beginner guides, but what I’m aiming to do here is highlight something beyond that – the next step for those who have grasped the basic game mechanics and want to take their play further.

Once you have some games under your belt and feel ready to take on the competitive ladder, you will notice players with multiple legendary cards in their decks. Legendary cards are powerful but are limited to one copy of each per deck.

It is natural to throw your first legendary into every deck you have, as resisting that dragon bordered beast of a card is almost impossible. But I will give you my top 5 legendary picks to go for first. I have disenchanted multiple less-used legendaries to craft a single neutral legendary that I can use in any deck, regardless of hero.

5. Ragnaros


World of Warcraft’s legendary Molten Core boss cannot attack, but at the end of the player’s turn, he picks a random enemy (minion or hero) and deals 8 damage directly.

Although this card is very strong, it really just cements a lead, as playing it on its own without board control can be dangerous. Also, the more minions an opponent has on the board, the more likely it will kill something useless… but 8 damage will pretty much kill any minion or smack your opponent in the face (hard)! This card can fit in almost any deck as a bit of extra muscle.

4. Bloodmage Thalnos


This super-cheap card may look a bit weak at first glance. But once you start to really look, you see its true value. Firstly, 2 mana is very cheap. Unlike most of his legendary counterparts, this card can be played very early in the game, or slotted in late without it taking up nearly all of your mana for the turn.

The +1 spell power is a nice bonus that give your spells a little extra boost they need. And in addition, once Thalnos bites the dust, you draw a card. This effectively means that this card is free (other than mana costs), as it replaces itself once dead. This helps gives you a card advantage.

3. Tinkmaster Overspark


The Tinkmaster is the second low cost legendary in my list. On the surface he seems like a luck-based choice, completely random as you have no control on whether you turn your target into a harmless squirrel or a raging 5/5 devilsaur!

But the real way this card is played is to negate other big threats. As an example, your opponent has just played Tirion Fordring. The Paladin legendary is a 6/6 creature, with Taunt, Divine Shield and when he does finally die, gives your opponent a 5/3 weapon. Now if you play the old Tinkmaster here, the worst case scenario is his godlike Legendary minion is now a simple 5/5 creature – that’s much better than a fully loaded legendary with a brutal deathrattle. And there is always the best case scenario: facing the might of a 1/1 critter!

2. Leeroy Jenkins


Now now… anyone who has played World of Warcraft should have seen the hilarious video that is Leeroy Jenkins. If not go and watch it now – I will wait…

Right, let’s talk about the card. At 4 Mana he is another cheap legendary (see where I am going with this list?). You are getting an instant 6 damage and due to the low cost, this card can be combined with others for one hell of a turn.

Due to him summoning two whelps, the odds are Leeroy Jenkins will not last, so see another turn. But with the way I play him, you shouldn’t need another turn – as Leeroy is my finisher. Get the enemy’s health low and then boom – instant 6 damage they probably did not see coming! Failing that, he is also a good way to take down high health taunt minions.

Also, and this is the best bit, he does the “LEEEROOOOYYYYYY” scream when the minion enters the battlefield. So it’s worth playing this card just for that sound!

1. Sylvanas Windrunner


This is the card I think every new player should rush for. This lovely lady completely alters the way your opponent has to play. Drop her down and they either kill her and then you take one of their minions on the board, or they ignore her and you have a 5/5 hitting them every turn. Either way is a win for you.

The amount of times I have forced the opponent to kill her, then for me to then take control of a Ragnaros or another huge creature is amazing. She can simply win games, and at her worst she forces your enemy to burn removal on her. This is really a great all-around card.

Special Mention: The Black Knight


The Black Knight guy is currently very strong on ladder, as at the moment the metagame is leaning heavily towards druid play, with high health taunt creatures as well as inclusions of Defender of Argus proving very popular (this guy makes adjacent creatures gain +1/+1 and taunt).

This card simply gets rid of a creature with taunt. Regardless of health or anything else, it just gets destroyed. At the moment this is strong, but if the metagame shifts again and no one is playing taunt, then he is pretty useless…

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Well, that’s it for now guys, hopefully this guide will help with your legendary crafting queries and cut down the time it takes to get further up the ladder.

To watch me play, catch my stream at www.twitch.tv/darkbirdtv, or if you have any questions please hit me up on Twitter @DBtv_Raven.

I hope Mr Sacco will allow me to write for him again as this has been fun.

Many thanks,

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#1 Junaid Ahmed on 01.16.14 at 12:27 pm

Interesting post on the hearthstone. I have played the game and liked it much. I love to play fun-filled and challenging game.

#2 Kid on 07.01.15 at 6:52 am

I’m pretty stuck on picking a higher mana legendary for my first one… I also play a paladin and I typically win games before the mana count reaches 6, and I lose a lot of game in those marathon games where you have over 5 turns where the mana count is 10.

I always see Ragnaros and Ysera as recommended, but personally there are 5 I really like (Malygos, Leeroy, Foe Reaper, Snead’s Old Shredder, and Mekgineer)

I also like the Paladin specific legendaries, but for my first one I want to stay with a neutral.

Anyway, can anyone comment on why Ragnaros and Ysera are or are not the best ones to start with, or why or why not any of the ones I like are good started as well.

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