How to level up fast in Dark Souls

By Dom Sacco | November 6th, 2011

How to level up fast in Dark Souls

Need to level up quickly in Dark Souls? Let’s be honest – who doesn’t? The game is harder than Jaws’ teeth.

We explain how to easily farm thousands of souls in mere minutes.

All you need is to progress a few hours into the game. When you reach Blacksmith Andrei by going down the path opposite the Undead Parish, talk to him. He will have a Crest of Artorius for sale worth 20,000 souls.

This is the hard part. You’ll want to grind enemies in the Undead Burg and Darkroot Garden until you’ve amassed the correct amount of souls. If you refrain from levelling up too much at the start of the game, you should acquire quite a few from the first bosses anyway.

Once you’ve bought the Crest, head down the steps from the Blacksmith and either beat or run past the black statue mini-boss. Be wary of his lightning attack. Once outside you’ll be in Darkroot Garden. Head left and take down the tree enemies in your way. You’ll soon come to a large door. Use the Crest to unlock it.

Before heading in, turn around and light the bonfire to stock up on health. Go through the path you’ve just opened and down the stairs.

You’ll find a host of human-like characters and ghosts down here. If you’re strong enough, fight them. If a) you can’t be bothered or b) you don’t find dying fun, try the simple approach.

Once you’ve attracted the attention of an enemy, run back to where you came from but instead of going up the stairs, turn right and walk along to the end of the ledge. Face away from the steps towards the camera, equip a shield and hold the block button (LB on 360 or L1 on PS3). Most of the time, your enemies will run up the stairs and drop off the edge, hitting your shield on the way and falling to their doom. Thousands of souls at the click of a finger? Easy.

Once the characters are dead, head back to the bonfire to reset them. Rinse and repeat.

Watch this video for a demonstration:

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#1 Dark Souls: Survival guide | Leet Games Blog | Games tips on 11.06.11 at 3:04 am

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#2 Monstrosity4 on 04.29.12 at 6:54 am

Was this patched in 1.05?

#3 sam on 05.15.12 at 5:56 pm

killing the strange blob men with spears in the painted world of artius is actually faster and is easy if you just jump in for a few kills then use the opening you made to get behind them, they can only attack forward and are very close to the bonfire (once you open the gate) i use the gravelord sword and get about 6500 xp every minute.

#4 joe on 07.03.12 at 12:12 am

yea i just got this game and havent got this far but thanks.. my first build is a one shot kill bandit hopefully.. i kinda regret buying this game but im going to beat it no matter what.. all points in strength, cant wait to pvp

#5 Wendel on 12.05.12 at 5:54 pm

didn’t work here, the enemies fall in front of me and kill me every time

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